Friday, June 20, 2014

Bee-Doo! Bee-Doo! Bee-Doo!

In Despicable Me 2, this little minion grabbed our attention and our love. 

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He has one job and by gum he is going to do it right! I love this little guy and Bee-Doo is probably my favorite new siren sound! 

Well of course for myself I had to have him for my minion hat! Out came my trusty Minion Hat Crochet Pattern .

I knew I wanted to make these sirens in red with silver rings. Unfortunately I'm still not electronically crafty enough to make them spin or glow but I used red and gray yarn and stuffed them with Polyfil so they'd hold their shape. 

Each little fellow has the happiest grin as you can imagine him calling out Bee-Doo! Bee-Doo! 

Now when I run around outside, I can do it in Bee-Doo Minion Style! 

Do you need a Bee-Doo Minion in your life? 

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