Sunday, June 29, 2014

Maids Make Everything Cleaner!

Sometimes, when I look around our apartment I have two thoughts. I need a minion and I wish I had a maid. Now I'm lucky because there is only me and my DH here at the house but I gotta tell ya cleaning gets overwhelming, boring and exhausting. Who wants to clean when you could be crocheting awesome hats and binge-watching American Horror Story on TV. Sounds like a great idea to me! 

Buuuuuuuuuuut, yarn scraps land on the carpet, dishes will pile up, and lets not mention the laundry. How can two people wear so many clothes? Oh well, time to put the crochet hook down and get to cleaning. 

And boy do I need to clean. Last 2 weeks or so I hurt my arm and have been wandering around in a sling. Makes it hard to crochet but it really makes it hard to scrub dishes, haul laundry baskets, and vacuum. My DH works all day but he has been trying to help me by hauling things around and doing the heavy lifting. Through a regimen of rest and ice I've gotten it back under control and ready to work. 

Now I still wish for those house fairies but then I had a brilliant idea. How about a house minion! Or better yet,  a minion maid. So last night I finished up one of my favorite minion hats yet! A minion maid hat! Now in my cool dank basement I can keep my noggin warm and the hair out of my eyes as I vacuum to BANANA on my mp3 player! 

Need a little Minion Help around your house?? 

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